6 beauty products that are good for you


Often, you’ll come across a beauty product that claims to sell a piece each couple of seconds. While that’s great from a sales point of view and of course, speaks volumes of the efficacy, most of the packaging of these products then goes on to fill landfills and stays there no recyclability or decomposition. Yes, it’s hard to give up on your favourite moisturiser or lipstick, but some beauty brands have taken up the challenge in their own hands. They’re either looking to recyclable and biodegradable materials or making their packaging refillable to help make an impact on the state of the global environment. We scoured through our archives to find you six beauty products that are not only hard-working, but will also help you reduce your impact on the planet at the same time. You’re welcome.

Lush Solid Conditioner in Jungle

Lush has been at the forefront of eco-friendly beauty by eliminating packaging from as many products as possible. Walk into any store and you’ll find slabs of soaps stacked up with bars of body butter, shampoos, conditioners and bath bombs, all naked. As for the products in their recyclable jars, you can bring five of your empties back to the store to score a free tub of a face mask. Their Jungle Solid Conditioner is a hydrating blend of cocoa butter, bananas and everyone’s favourite avocados. There’s also fresh figs, kumquats and passion fruit juice that adds shine and leaves your mane smelling fabulous. While it does feel a little bit weird to run a bar on your hair, and it does take longer to apply than your cream alternative, the smooth and frizz-free results will have you convert in no time.

The Original MakeUp Eraser

You probably use a traditional balmy or liquid makeup remover that comes out of a bottle (which is going to make its way to a landfill) with pieces of cotton day in and day out. Besides the environmental impact, a lot of makeup removers are harsh on your skin and tend to dry it out. Enter the MakeUp Eraser. Unlike other washcloths that are made of a looped material, this one has millions of fibres that are standing straight. When used damp, in a circular motion on your skin, these fibres breakdown even waterproof makeup and leave your skin squeaky clean. A super stubborn mascara might need you to struggle a bit, but it’ll all be off eventually. Rinse it with soap and water, let it dry and it’s ready for you to use again. And one towel will last you three to five years.

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