6 Essential Winter Beauty Tips For Gorgeous Skin And Hair


There’s no dearth of beauty products available in the market, each promising to provide the ultimate care for your beauty needs. But rather than getting overwhelmed or feeling totally confused about how to effectively look after your skin and hair in the cold season, try to follow the basics.

You really don’t need to spend hours or stock up on endless beauty products to keep your skin and hair protected through the seasonal changes. Instead what would help is to follow smart beauty tips that will keep you covered through the entire season.

1. Boost your skin confidence

Hydration and moisturising are essential for your skin, especially with the cold air making the skin severely dry. It’s a lesser known fact that coconut is great for the skin and has a number of uses. Using a light-weight body lotion enriched with coconut butter will not only keep your skin feeling supple and well-protected, but also gives your skin a party-ready glow.

2. Nourish your roots

Your hair is the next in line after your skin that bears the brunt of the chilly air. Be it frizziness of hair or dandruff, the root problem is lack of ample nourishment. Oiling regularly with a coconut-based hair oil keeps the moisture levels up and the dryness away.

To nourish your hair deeper, use a botanical serum with chamomile extracts, this will increase the lustre of your hair and give it a great texture. For those of you who are seeing some silvery strands on your head, chamomile is a wonder ingredient and is also a great way to increase the melanin level in your roots thus delaying the process of greying.

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