6 Foot Care Tools For Summer Ready Feet


Summer means slipping into summer dresses, shorter hems and strappy sandals. But if your feet are still stuck in winter, then that just won’t do, now will it? To showcase them in open-toed stilettos, gladiator heels or sliders, they need a bit of pampering and no, you don’t need to step into a salon to do that.

Instead, use these 6 foot care tools to remove dead skin, corns and hang nails to make your feet healthy and get them ready for the sandal season ahead.

The Siddhi Collection Foot Scrubber will do the job if your arms don’t feel like doing the scrubbing for you. Simply rub your lathered feet inside the inner compartment to scrub them and later rub on the embossed plates to stimulate blood circulation.

The Brother 4-in-1 Nail Tool has four sides to buff, file and shine the nails. On the ends is also a cuticle trimmer to get rid of dead skin and a point to remove dirt from beneath nails.

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