6 incredible health benefits of strawberries


Do you look forward to strawberries in winters? You should! Strawberries have plenty of health benefits.come in abundance during winters. We don’t blame you if you get dozens of strawberries at home or line up outside ice cream parlours to try strawberries with cream and strawberry milkshakes.

Strawberries should feature regularly in your diet, especially when they are seasonal. Why? Check out these health benefits of strawberries.

Impart beauty benefits: Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C that can protect your body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals that can break collagen and make you get wrinkles and other signs of ageing. They also have alpha-hydroxy acid that has anti-ageing properties. The high vitamin c content in strawberries can also help tame hair fall, prevent dandruff and split ends.

Fight inflammation: Various scientific studies have shown that strawberries are very beneficial for improving gut health and can help mitigate inflammation of the colon.

Improve your sex life: Zinc-rich strawberries are great for sexual health and promote healthy testosterone levels in men and libido in women. The antioxidants in them help improve blood flow to the genitals for ultimate sexual pleasure!

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: Strawberries have a compound—-a flavonol called fisetin—-that helps prevent the progressive memory and learning impairments commonly seen in Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Fisetin also helps protect neurons in the brain from the effects of ageing.

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