6 Products That Will Save Your Oily Skin This Summer


It’s common knowledge that summer brings out the worst in most skin types but it’s even more difficult for those with oily skin. Pores get larger, pimples increase, and its finish only seems to get greasier.

So aren’t you glad you’ve come to the right place to keep it in check this summer? Along with your skin care routine, add these 6 products to your life and watch as they blot away grease, drive away dirt and do so much more for your oily skin.

The Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer is a popular pick among oily skinned girls and we can see why. With a green tea enriched vegan formula, it puts the brakes on acne-causing bacteria and build-up of skin debris with a mattified finish.

Don’t let your skin look even greasier than usual when protecting it. Instead, apply the Lotus UV Screen Matte Gel Sunscreen which is an ultra-soothing gel-based formula with SPF 50 that sits lightly on the skin with a matte finish.

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