6 smart ways to increase your fibre intake


Most of us don’t pay attention to the fibre content in the diet. But fibre is necessary as it helps to deal with constipation, keeps blood sugar in check, in weight management and digestion of carbohydrates and proteins.

Both soluble and unsoluble fibres are known as bulking agents and keep the bowels healthy. Clean bowels lead to healthy gut and a healthy gut is the reason for your good health. This is why fibre in your diet is necessary. so, if you are wondering how to include more fibre in your diet here are some quick and easy ways:

Eat the right carbs: Good carbs have the right amount of fibres in them so eat more bread, especially wholemeal bread, brown rice, potatoes. Both bread and potatoes are excellent fillers, and need not be fattening if you don’t load them with butter or fry them in fat.

Eat a high-fibre breakfast cereal: But go easy on the sugar. The more bran a cereal contains, the higher is its fibre content.

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