6 surprising ways fiber is good for you


Recent research about fiber has brought healthy complex carbs back into the news. It seems that in addition to being heart healthy and helping to keep cholesterol in check, it’s really good for your brain. Here’s a look at what the new research says plus some other surprising health benefits of eating a diet rich in fiber.

People who eat a high-fiber diet everyday are less likely to suffer from a range of chronic diseases (coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer) compared to people who eat a diet low in fiber, according to a January 2019 study.

Andrew Reynolds, a researcher at the University of Otago in New Zealand and co-author of the study, and his team were commissioned by the World Health Organization to analyze daily fiber recommendations. Reynold’s team researched 180 studies and 50 clinical studies. “The health benefits of dietary fiber appear to be even greater than we thought previously,” co-author Jim Mann, professor of human nutrition and medicine at the University of Otago, told CNN.

The team recommends that people consume at least 25 milligrams of dietary fiber a day. Those who follow a high-fiber diet had an overall lower risk of death from chronic illness, a 30 percent reduced risk of death from coronary heart disease, a 22 percent reduced risk of stroke and a 16 percent lower risk of Type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer.

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