6 tips to choose the best night cream for your skin


At night, our body including our skin repairs itself. Our skin rests and has its highest permeability, i.e. the power to absorb at night. This high permeability means that all the active ingredients in our moisturizer go deeper into the skin and help repair and rejuvenate it.

So always remember to wash and deep clean your face before you apply your nighttime moisturizer for the best results. But how do you decide what constitutes a good night moisturizer? Here are 6 tips to keep in mind when buying a night cream:

1. It doesn’t need to have the word ‘Night’
“The difference between a night cream and any other is that it doesn’t have UV protection or any sunscreen ingredients in it. Hence you don’t necessarily need to use a cream that uses the word ‘night’ to define it,” says Divya Mehta skincare expert and co-founder, Epique skincare. So long as the cream does not contain sunscreen, works well with your skin type and is rich in active ingredients, you are good to go!

2. High concentration of active ingredients
As skin matures, some may develop age spots and others fine lines or wrinkles. Your night cream needs to address your specific skin concerns and have active ingredients that will repair and nourish your skin accordingly. “A night cream should contain active ingredients that target the 3 main causes of ageing: (i) Loss of elastin and collagen

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