6 tricks and tips for girls with thin hair


Styling fine hair can be quite a task. With this hair texture, it’s difficult to hold curls and have volume. The worst? Droopy and limp hair at the end of the day. To solve this struggle, here are a few daily habits and tricks that can give you bouncy and thicker strands:

1. Change your shampoo
The best way to get volume is when you wash your hair. Go forvolumising and clarifying shampoo, that will help to give your hair volume and adding weight to your locks

2. Use the conditioner the right way
If you like to condition your hair, just apply it hair ends and not the crown area. You can also use a hair serum after washing your hair at the ends, to avoid tangles.

3. Use a blow dryer
After washing your hair, flip your hair upside down for some air drying. Once it’s less damp use a blow dryer with a round brush. Next, flip your hair back over and dry the rest of hair. Lastly, let your hair settle for some time before you head out.

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