6 Ways to Blow-Dry Your Hair Faster


While spring is supposedly in full swing, it’s still chilly enough outside that we’re definitely not venturing outside with cold, wet shower hair — that could potentially freeze into tiny icicle strands. And for those who shampoo in the morning, that means sacrificing precious sleep time to blow-dry.

In addition to being generally unpleasant, cooler conditions can actually damage your hair — causing breakage and brittleness when temps dip low enough. While the slicked-back, fresh-out-of-the-shower look may have been a go-to red carpet move for celebs like Shay Mitchell, it’s probably not the best idea for your March morning looks. (Once summer rolls around, though, feel free to take full advantage of the hair hack.)

In the interest of saving your sleep schedule and general wellbeing, we dug deep to figure out exactly how to do the most efficient blowout of all time. Read on for the six steps that are about to change your getting-ready routine.

1. Shake it off.

In the words of Taylor Swift (who, admittedly, probably didn’t mean it this way), try shaking the water out of your hair as soon as you finish showering to cut down on dry time. “Take a minute or so to gently shake your hair, then squeeze out any excess water,” advises Holly Mills, hairstylist for Streeters. “Then, repeat the whole process one more time.”

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