6 Yoga Poses to Get You Through the Day

Flowing through an hour-long yoga routine is a great way to keep your muscles loose and recharge your mind at once. But sometimes just getting yourself to the studio for class seems like more stress than it’s worth—or, with your busy schedule, not doable at all.

Good news: Unlike some workouts, hitting the mat doesn’t have to be all or nothing. “Doing a few poses throughout the day, whenever time permits, has major benefits,” says Sarah Neufeld, co-founder of Modo Yoga in New York City. “It helps you reconnect to your breath, calm your nerves, and refocus—and it has an allover energizing effect.”

We asked Neufeld for her favorite poses to do for a few minutes throughout the day. Try her six suggestions below, tailored to meet your needs—whether that be to recharge or unwind. While you might feel a little kooky bending your body into a pretzel in front of coworkers, you can do these poses virtually anywhere, from next to your bed or behind your office door. If possible, dim the lights and put on a relaxing song. Then just strike a pose … and get ready to say

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