7 Cooling And Hydrating Drinks For Summers Suggested By Ayurveda

It is summertime, and all we need to do is to fodder ourselves with cooling and hydrating drinks. While Ayurveda condemns the consumption of ice-cold foods and beverages as they disrupt the digestive fire called agni. It does encourage loading up on drinks that lowers the body temperature and not hamper the digestive system.

This weak digestive system begins to work harder in order to digest and absorb nutrients and pitta dosha or the metabolism becomes unbalanced. One of the best ways to cool your body temperature is to drink lots of water that also helps keep it hydrated in sweltering summers. There are other drinks that Ayurveda suggests to include in your daily diet.

Here are some amazing drinks suggested by Ayurveda expert at Nirog Street, Ram N Kumar that you should definitely load up on.

1. Aam Ka Panna

Aam ka panna is made using green mangoes. It is one of the best cooling drinks that help beat the heat. It has vital micro-nutrients that replenish the mineral levels in the body and keep it going through the hot days. Here’s how you can make aam ka panna at home.

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