7 Derm-Approved Skin Treatments to Do Before Spring


The best beauty procedures to try when the sun is low, the air is cool, and there’s plenty of time to hibernate in recovery.

As the urge to hibernate full-time officially sets in this month, consider turning those extra hours of Netflix into a beauty advantage. The absence of powerful sunrays and inflammatory heat during the snowiest months makes it the ideal time to book treatments that would require a heavy-duty beach umbrella (and sometimes a full-body caftan) in the summer.

Whether it’s scheduling a dreaded laser hair removal session or finally ridding yourself of that once-inspirational tattoo, these treatments are better endured now than later, according to Manhattan’s most in-demand dermatologists.

1. Cryotherapy Dark Spot Correction

Stubborn moles and freckles, beware—there’s a new device in town that targets hard-to-treat surface imperfections like never before. SkinCeuticals’s first noninvasive medical device, known as Cryocorrect, “has the ability to freeze off spots with minimal to no

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