7 health benefits of cherries


One of the many fruits that are in season at this time of the year around winter are cherries.  Packed with nutrients, these little fruits can alleviate a number of health conditions and diseases, make your skin and hair radiant and keep you healthy. Here are some reasons why you must eat cherries.

Excellent for gout: A study from Northumbria University, Britain revealed that consumption of Montmorency tart cherries lowers uric acid level in urine. The study also found an increase in specific anthocyanin compounds in the bloodstream after consuming tart cherries.

Full of antioxidants: A study by Sara M. Warber from the University of Michigan found that the antioxidant capacity in the blood was elevated after eating cherries (45 or 90 cherries) and remained elevated even 12 hours after eating 90 cherries.

Reduce muscle pain:  The next time you feel sore after exercise, make sure to eat cherries. Cherries have anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce muscle pain.

Improves sexual health: With vitamin A and c in them, cherries help boost libido in both men and women. Vitamin A increases testosterone and oestrogen levels, while vitamin C boosts sexual appetite and increases men’s semen volume.

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