7 myths behind the use of contact lens busted


Want to get rid of your boring spectacles and yet confused about whether you should opt for contact lens or not? Then it is time for you to clear the misconceptions regarding wearing and using contact lens. Here’s all you need to know.

Although contact lenses are great alternatives to regular eyeglasses for correcting your vision problems and are ideal for patients with active lifestyles as they do not slip, fog, or fall, there are several misconceptions about the use of contact lensamong the users, says Shashwat Kedia, founder and CEO of Lensico, one of the India based online contact lens stores. In order to enable the users clear these assumptions about the use of contact lens, here we are with a list of myths and truths behind these myths.

Myth: They will get lost behind your eye.

Truth: This will never happen as a thin membrane called conjunctiva covers your eyes, making it impossible for your contact lenses to get lost behind them.

Myth: They can pop out of your eyes.

Truth: Modern contacts fit closer to your eyes, preventing them from falling out even during physical activities.

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