7 Nourishing Coconut Milk Body Lotions For Soft Skin


Coconut milk is not just a popular ingredient in the kitchen, but also in the world of beauty. The fresh extract is naturally rich in healthy fatty acids, minerals like copper and vitamins C and E that are extremely beneficial for the skin and hair.

It’s therefore no surprise that it has been in use since ancient times in various beauty remedies. If you have been looking for a nourishing body lotion to take care of your skin and keep it supple, you need to turn to coconut milk that will work like a charm.

We have listed down seven moisturising body lotions from Amazon packed with the goodness of coconut milk:

1. WOW Coconut Milk And Argan Oil Body Lotion

This enriching lotion has a non-greasy, quick absorb formulation that gives long lasting and balanced moisturization to dry skin.

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