7 Sheet Masks For Every Anti-Aging Skin Concern


Sheet masks have found popularity for the quick boost in hydration and goddess-like radiance they are known to lend the skin in a pinch. What you don’t often see is a sheet mask that targets anti-aging concerns like sagging skin and fine lines.

Until now that is. We’re busting the belief that sheet masks only brighten and hydrate because they can also go the distance for mature skin to firm, tone and lift. Take a look at these 7 sheet masks that work on these common anti-aging concerns.

The Dermal Platinum Collagen Essence Mask is a pack of 25 sheet masks with collagen and vitamin E that promises to moisten skin and make it more elasticated and supple.

The LuxaDerme Firming Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask is enriched with red gingseng, purslane and sea kelp made of 100% natural fermented coconut jelly. While adhering to the skin and allowing air to permeate, these ingredients work together to make skin firm and smooth.