7 Surprising Ways To Have A Healthier Heart

Fresh organic herbs and leaf vegetables in crate, arugula, spinach and dill viewed from above

Regular exercise and a healthy diet both help to keep your heart in good shape. Some of these more unusual suggestions will keep things ticking over nicely too!

1 Up your magnesium

The heart is a muscle – one that works tirelessly, without complaint, from when we were in the womb. Magnesium is a mineral that’s essential for muscle function andthe electrical impulses that nerves connected to the heart must generate in order to stimulate it to beat. Luckily, magnesium is found in plenty of tasty day-to-day foods, such as green leafy veg, nuts and seeds and dark chocolate, so tuck in!

2 Put the kettle on

A recent study found that people drinking three to six cups of tea per day have a 45% lower risk of death from heart disease. Researchers aren’t yet sure whether these impressive results are because regular tea drinkers have a healthier lifestyle overall, but any excuse for a cuppa, we say! Although maybe hold the biscuits…

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