7 tips for choosing the right shampoo


The hair-care aisle can be an intimidating place for those who don’t know what they’re looking for.

To demystify the process of selecting a shampoo, “Good Morning America” spoke with celebrity hair stylists Brant Mayfield and Robert Lopez of Chris McMillan the Salon in Beverly Hills; Ashley Streicher of Striiike in Beverly Hills; and Michael Sparks of Cie Sparks Salon in Malibu about how to choose products and what to be aware of when it comes to higher-end brands.

1. Consider your hair and your scalp Mayfield says that when selecting a shampoo, you have to find a type that’s appropriate for your hair, but your scalp is something to think about too. For example, someone with an oily scalp may want to consider a shampoo with sulfates, he added, which strip impurities from the hair and get the oil out of the scalp. The important thing to do is obvious: read the label. “Most will say on the bottle what they’re good for,” he said.

2. Sulfates are not necessarily the enemy: Ever since “Queer Eye” grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness declared war on sulfates, some fans of the show have expressed concern about their sulfate-filled shampoos. Not so fast, Sparks said. “Sulfates can strip the hair a bit, but at the end of the day, some of my clients want it because if shampoos don’t have it, it doesn’t suds up,” he explained.

“They feel like their hair is still dirty!” Mayfield agreed, noting that sulfates allow for people to get “a deep clean.” However, he warned, people with extremely color-treated, frizzy or curly hair should look for sulfate-free shampoos, which won’t be as harsh. “With a sulfate-free shampoo, you’ll have to work harder to get your scalp and hair clean,” he added. “You’ll have to do a more rigorous massage to break free all that stuff, whereas a sulfate shampoo does it for you.”

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