7 tricks to make the most your weight loss regime


If you are on a weight loss mission, then make sure every single minute of your exercise routine and meal plan that you so religiously follow contribute to your calories burning process. There are times when even the best of efforts don’t yield the desired results, courtesy, workout and dietary mistakes that you make unknowingly. Some smart strategies will help you maximise your weight loss routine and help you shed those extra kilos without much ado.

Start by focussing on your diet

The first step you should take is focussing on your diet and not exercise. It is true that exercise matters but at the initial stage, eating the right foods matters more. If you make your diet choices mindfully after consulting your nutritionist at the start of your weight loss journey, you will set yourself up for better results in future. Remember, one diet doesn’t suit all while it comes to battling the bulge. So, taking advice from a nutritionist to tailor-make a meal plan that suits your body type and health conditions is a must.

Don’t depend only on your exercise routine

An important step in losing weight is boosting your non-exercise activities too alongside your workout routine. This is to say, stay physically active through the day even while you are not sweating it out at the gym. Climb the stairs, walk to buy groceries, play with our dog, take walks in the office to get coffee—all these activities will reduce your dependence on workout alone and go a long way in helping you in your weight loss mission.

Start with easy workouts

With your body adjusting to a new diet and new energy levels too, it is important that you postpone high-intensity workouts and start with easy ones. Easy exercises are effective for losing weight and have a low risk of causing injuries. Completing easy exercises will boost your confidence, preparing you for a harder push later on.

Focus on building muscles

It is true that aerobic or cardiovascular workouts, are great for burning calories, but it is also true that muscle workouts are equally important. Muscles weigh more and burn throughout the day. By lifting weights 2-3 times a week you boost your metabolism and tighten your body. Looking fit in your everyday clothes is a good motivation to lose a few more extra kilos.

Consistency is the key

Plan a workout regime that you can follow for a long time and don’t get distracted by new fad routines that promise quick weight loss. Following the same regime for a long time gives you a better chance in reducing your weight and improving body strength.

Keep changing your workout

Your body may hit a plateau if you do not tweak your workouts from time to time. This is because your body gets adjusted to them and burns fewer calories. Instead of mastering a specific move, try performing different exercises in different orders. However, don’t go too far from your comfort zone, make small changes to your regular workout only. Try new moves on the equipment that you have used before.

Be choosy about your pre-workout snack

It is a long-standing debate that whether you should eat before a workout or not. And the verdict, according to weight loss experts is, you should eat when you are truly hungry. Gulping down food just because you have to work out increases your calorie intake. Not eating despite the hunger, on the other hand, reduces your energy levels and you won’t be able to exercise at your full capacity. This will impact your calorie burn negatively. Eat something light half an hour before your exercise session starts. Scrambled eggs, oatmeal, protein shake, and boiled veggies can be good options.

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