7 ways to keep your feet happy and healthy during monsoons

Monsoon season is the time when everybody becomes conscious about their skin and hair. We all put in extra efforts to keep our skin healthy. We also take extra care of our hair so that they look strong and shiny. While all this is important but one aspect of aesthetics that we ignore is foot care during monsoons?

After all, it’s the feet that get dirty in the muddy roadside rainwater and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. If you are a diabetic there are more reasons why you should pay attention to foot care during monsoons.

1. Wear the right footwear: This is the first thing that needs your attention. Choosing the right footwear is extremely important during the monsoons. Gumboots are a perfect option for a rainy day! They not only dry faster but protect your feet from the dirty water. Sports shoes or shoes made of canvas or even sneakers don’t score so well here because once you step out in the rain wearing them, they get wet easily and remain like that for long periods.

This, in turn, creates a very conducive medium for the growth of bacteria, fungi etc., and leading to tinea pedis and Pseudomonas infections. Open-toed plastic sandals or strappy sandals can be an option since they dry faster. But aren’t as safe as the rubber boots and closed footwear since the dangers of exposure to the dirty water remains.

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