8 best sheet masks to hydrate, exfoliate or prime your face


The once novel, throwaway (literally), sheet mask trend has evolved into something much more inviting over the past year. Brands haven’t entirely vetoed the skintertainment factor, but there’s now much more variety on the market than simply looking like you’ve smothered yourself in Angel Delight for a laugh.

Hydrating masks ruled the roost previously but now we have juicy primers, excellent exfoliators and glow getters to add to the list. And besides, sheet masks are great fun and a good excuse to give yourself some well deserved downtime in the midst of any mayhem.

Do ensure you cleanse thoroughly beforehand; doubly if you desire for maximum impact and, fellas – make sure you shave, otherwise you’ll find the bottom half won’t stick and will flop around disastrously.

Also make sure to always squeeze the packet and syphon every last drop of serum out. More often than not there’s a hefty amount of treasure sitting at the bottom, so smear that over the top of your mask once you’re sitting pretty for extra kicks.

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