8 Mistakes You’re Making When You Blow-Dry Your Hair


It’s rare to find me without my curls smoothed, twisted by a curling iron into beach waves, and misted with texture spray. I love to have my hair done. A trip to the local blow-dry bar is my favorite Saturday afternoon pastime. However, at $50 a session, getting this look done by professionals on the regular is costly. So I’ve perfected my own blowout skills.

It may seem like an easy task: grab a blow-dryer, point, and blast with heat. But there is a mastery behind it. And you may be making simple mistakes that are actually hurting your hair even more than your look. Here, top pros break down the science to getting a gorgeous at-home blowout every single time and point out all the rookie mistakes that keep them in business.

1. You don’t have a great blow-dryer.

Let’s start at the very beginning: Investing in a high-quality tool is important, especially if you have a lot of hair or you’re blow-drying your hair often.

“If you have thick hair, you’re probably damaging your hair more with a cheap blow-dryer as opposed to investing in a great one that will protect your hair and blow-dry it quicker,” Kérastase celebrity stylist Jennifer Yepez tells SELF. Expensive dryers tend to come with hair-saving smart features like high power, multiple heat settings, a cool shot, and ionic air technology.

The last one helps with frizz, creates shine, and minimizes blow-dry time. “The technology in ionic hair dryers helps break down water molecules faster, which makes the hair dry faster,” she adds. The less time  your hair is under heat and the more control you have over the temperature, the healthier it will be.

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