8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair

No one has written more eloquently about ditching her blow-dryer than Heather Schwedel at Slate. In her wet-hair manifesto, she expresses surprise (and a little regret) that her “lazy teenage habit” ― leaving the house with wet hair ― has stuck with her into adulthood. But she knows exactly why it has:

“Blow-drying’s the thing that sucks. How is there not a better solution for drying my hair than the torturous ritual of blow-drying? Twenty minutes, minimum, standing there with your head upside down, and you only have to do it every morning from now until the end of time.”

As someone who blow-dries her own hair for 20 minutes, minimum, two to three times a week, I deeply concur with this conclusion. Blow-drying is the pits. As addicted as I am to my at-home blowout, though, I think now is the time to experiment with air-dried locks. Because, like you, I’m now confined to my home for the foreseeable future.

While the reasons for self-mediated isolation are very, very urgent and frightening, they don’t change the essential fact that none of us are going anywhere anytime soon.

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