9 best firming creams and body lotions for mature skin


If you sometimes despair about saggy skin, there is no shortage of lotions and oils that offer to help.

The important thing is a bit of expectation management. There are probably no miracles in a tube out there – but there are some great products that help you make small but significant improvements.

All the products on our list proved efficacious in some way, whether tightening and firming or giving a general feeling of improved skin elasticity and moisturisation. We may not exactly be defying gravity here, but things are moving in the right direction (ie not too far south) for our group of testers in their 50s and 60s.

Ren’s signature rose otto oil is one of the most expensive oils around, boasting anti-bacterial, hydrating and anti-depressant properties. Our tester was most impressed by its delicate perfume.

She liked the velvety texture that lived up to its promise to be skin smoothing, and when applied to damp, post-shower skin as suggested found that it was quickly absorbed.

During her two week test, she noticed a definite improvement in the texture and firmness of her skin and is more than happy to keep dipping into the generously sized tub of cream until it is all gone.

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