9 best hair thickening products


Fine hair or thinning hair can be a problem for many, meanwhile some of us just want to give our hair a little more fullness. Thankfully there are a lot of products on the market now designed especially for to help grow your hair or make it thicker.

Shampoo and conditioners are using more and more organic products, which strip away all the nasty products and really work into your scalp to revitalise it and help the hair follicles grow.

Look for products which contain aloe vera, as this will help will soothe the scalp and encourage hair follicles to grow, while caffeine will stimulate the roots and help you get that thick head of hair.

And while shampoos and conditioners are good, other treatments like oils and sprays shouldn’t be disregarded, especially light ones which will nourish your hair overnight or open up your hair strands letting more moisture in.

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