9 best organic moisturisers: Natural formulas for dry, oily or combination skin


For newcomers to organic beauty, moisturiser is a good place to start. As the product that spends the longest amount of time on our skin, swapping out your regular moisturiser for a natural, organic and high-quality alternative is ideal for anyone concerned with the ingredients in their beauty routine.

But deciding to go organic is the easy part. While the technical definition of “organic skincare” is a product free from artificial ingredients, the only legal requirement for cosmetics to advertise themselves as such is a singular organic ingredient – even if this ingredient only makes up a small percentage of the total formula.

As this can lead to confusion, we recommend looking for products that are certified as organic by bodies such as the Soil Association or the USDA.

Requirements vary across different boards but, for the most part, certified products are required to have a majority of organic or naturally sourced ingredients.

A common misconception about organic skincare is that it simply doesn’t work as well as non-organic formulas.

While this may have been true in the past, the natural beauty scene has exploded over the past few years and a lot of organic moisturisers offer the same (if not more) benefits than those made with potentially harmful chemicals.

Searching for our favourite, we limited ourselves to products either certified by a regulatory body or with majority organic and natural ingredients.

While it’s easy for a moisturiser to immediately smooth and soften skin, we wanted long-term, transformative effects that could sway anyone from their current skincare staple.

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Garnier organic lavandin anti-age nourishing moisturiser Garnier offers an impressive line of organic products, all of which are vegan and certified by the Soil Association. While a lot of anti-ageing moisturisers feel heavy and tacky, this formula sinks quickly into your skin and leaves you looking lit from within. This comes down to the use of lavandin – an essential oil with natural cleansing properties. It smells similar to lavender, but not so strongly that it’s distracting. We noticed a big difference in our skin after just a few days. Dry patches felt healthier and hormonal breakouts cleared up much faster than usual when using this. The perfect choice for braving colder winter weather. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Dr Organic snail gel Don’t let the name put you off – snail gel (or, if you want to be technical, helix aspersa muller) is incredibly hydrating. Combined with aloe vera and bioactive plant ingredients, this is a light, soothing formula. Looking glowy rather than greasy is a battle for oily complexions, but it manages to deeply moisturise while controlling excess sebum production. As it includes hyaluronic acid, it also helps battle breakouts. It does have a strong scent, but the results are worth it. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Weleda skin food cream It’s rare for a multipurpose product to act as truly effective skincare, but “skin food” isn’t just any product. In addition to revitalising dry feet, hands and elbows, this cult classic melts into your complexion to give you a healthy glow. It sits well beneath make-up without any sticky residue and, as an added bonus, actually provides a layer of protection against harsh weather. While it feels very thick, a little dabbed with your fingertips goes a long way – the oilier your skin, the less you need. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Neal’s Yard rose and mallow moisturiser As one of the oldest names in organic beauty, Neal’s Yard has built up an offering of over 20 moisturisers over the years. This is our favourite – gentle and softening, it smells incredible and helps restore your skin’s natural glow. We were sceptical at first, as the formula is very thick and doesn’t absorb easily. While this isn’t a big hindrance at night, it means you need to wait five or ten minutes before applying any other products in the morning. Dry skin will appreciate the slow, ongoing hydration, but other skin types might prefer to keep this as a one-a-day treatment. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Tata Harper hyaluronic gel moisturiser Growing all its ingredients on an organic farm in Vermont, Tata Harper always manages to package a luxurious treat in every bottle. In this case, that treat is an extremely lightweight moisturiser, formulated with collagen-boosting hyaluronic acid and 14 different sources of hydration. Skin felt softer and plumper after just one use, with the effects only getting more noticeable with time. Our tester also found she suffered from significantly less skin irritation after using this product. While it’s marketed towards oily and combination skin types, dry complexions can also benefit from its anti-aging effects. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Juice Beauty SPF30 oil-free moisturiser A real multi-tasker, this moisturiser contains SPF 30 to protect from and prevent sun damage while preserving your skin’s natural moisture. Packed with aloe vera and sea algae, it’s easy on sensitive skin and works to simultaneously unclog pores and penetrate them with hydration. Products which contain SPF often leave a white cast, but our skin tone actually looked even more level than usual. After a week of daily use, we found our complexion to be softer, smoother and brighter. We recommend applying to slightly damp skin. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Herbivore moon fruit superfruit night treatment This brand’s ethos is to ensure every ingredient is there for a reason. This translates to products filled with active ingredients that work to improve the quality of your skin in the long run. As a night cream, this is more intense than a day moisturiser – fruit enzymes simultaneously nourish your skin, repair environmental damage, boost skin elasticity and fight and prevent breakouts. The latter was where we noticed the most improvement. After four nights, our tester’s acne scarring had faded and dull patches looked more even and radiant. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Kimberly Sayer anti-oxidant daily moisturising cream SPF30 If your skin is crying out for moisture, this cream is luxuriously thick and hydrating. Not only does it sink deep into your pores, it uses an anti-oxidant to locate and heal damaged cells. This in turn increases cell turnover and, most importantly, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Looking out for your complexion on all fronts, it also contains natural, non-toxic SPF. This is definitely one for dry skin types, as it might trigger a breakout for those already struggling with oiliness. Sensitive skin might also want to give it a miss, as it’s strongly perfumed with lavender. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}} Sukin super greens nutrient rich facial moisturiser Sukin operates under the belief that everything we need to nourish our skin can be found in nature. Its solution to dull, mature skin is a concoction of kale, spirulina, parsley, chlorella, rosehip, avocado and jojoba oil. Massaged gently across the face, it feels tingly at first before cooling down your skin. Not only does it soothe any irritated or inflamed areas, but it evens out skin texture and, impressively, managed the rare feat of both brightening lacklustre patches and toning down our tester’s oily T-zone. {{#hasItems}} Price comparison {{/hasItems}} {{#items}} {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now {{/items}} {{#hasItems}} {{/hasItems}}

The verdict: Organic moisturisers The Garnier organic lavandin anti-age nourishing moisturiser is just as good, if not better than most of its non-organic competitors, making it our top choice. For something a little more luxurious, we also love Tata Harper’s hyaluronic gel moisturiser.

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