9 ‘healthy’ foods that can ruin your running

Sports nutritionists are constantly asked about which foods runners should eat to boost their performance or their health – and which they should avoid.

But separating the good guys from the nutritional offenders is not always as simple as it seems; health-food impostors can fool even savvy runners.

“Some simply don’t add much benefit and some can be detrimental to performance,” says sports nutritionist Heather Mangieri.

You know, for example, that bowls of ice cream fall on the rarely-to-never end of a runner’s diet spectrum, but some seemingly innocent foods and drinks also have a long history of committing crimes against your physiology; they should be given parole as an occasional treat or, better still, kept locked up for good.

1. Flavoured yoghurt

Dairy is a great source of calcium, potassium and protein, but flavoured yoghurts are usually sweetened with sugar – more than 30g per serving in some cases. “Stick with plain Greek yoghurt,” says Mangieri. It has 8g of natural sugar, plus 20g of protein, per serving.

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