9 Most Effective Mayonnaise Hair Masks To Treat Different Hair Problems


Innovation is always exciting; be it for your outfit, beauty or hair care. So, put aside the traditional henna, amla and curd for a while as we bring you a new ingredient to battle those hair problems and keep your mane healthy.

Try the yum and delicious mayonnaise, which is the next big thing when it comes to taking care of your lovely locks. These hair masks made with mayonnaise will leave you with long, lustrous and envious tresses. Scroll and check out how these masks are made!

#1. Mayo and banana mask

Rich in potassium and vitamins, banana makes your hair healthy and unclogs the pores, and helps oxygen and moisture to reach the hair shafts. Mayonnaise also offers essential nutrients and minerals to hair that further enhances the texture of the hair.

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