9 New Natural Hair Products To Try This Summer


One huge perk of spring cleaning is the space that it leaves to buy more new stuff. Okay, it might be a little counterproductive to think of it this way, but how else will we make space for the new shampoos, conditioners, masks, and treatments that deserve a spot in our showers?

As a naturalista, I can say that we are some of the biggest product hoarders out there — we’re talking about men and women who can have four different curl types on one head. However, we’d like to plead the case for the six new launches ahead. Not only do they promote healthy hair growth, moisture, and definition, but they’re dirt cheap, too. Gives you a reason to grab that Dirt Devil, eh?

Need your curls to bounce back? The wheat protein and castor oil in this conditioner promotes growth and shine

Drinking a green juice is always good for your health. And putting those same ingredients on your hair – kale and apple — is even better, as they help revive dull color and hydrate dry curls.

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