All acids aren’t that bad, some can give you a glowing skin


The world of beauty keeps evolving and surprising its enthusiasts. That’s exactly what happened when people learned about how some acids can be beneficial for skin. These acids are being used in cosmetic products and promise to give glowing and radiant skin. While some people may debate about their usage, they promise to have unmatched beauty benefits. These acids are familiar and are gently on skin. The best part of these is that they have specific property to benefit specific skin type or concern. Next time when you buy a beauty product for your face, make sure you read the ingredients. Understanding your confusion regarding the usage and benefits of acids, we bring to you the list of face acids that are good for skin and target a specific skin concern.

Hyaluronic acid

It is one of the most commonly present acids in creams and moisturisers. This one acid is known for and highly praised for its moisturising properties. This hydrates the skin, make it supple and glowing. Moreover, it’s the best ingredient for moisturisation for sensitive skin. It helps to strengthen skin barrier so it remains softer and smoother. It promotes anti-ageing and skin vitality.

Glycolic acid

Believe it or not but this one acid can transform your skincare regime, forever. It’s extracted from sugarcane and used in beauty products that claim to benefit acne-prone and oily skin. However, products containing glycolic acid as an ingredient can be used for all skin type. It’s great for gentle exfoliation and helps in dissolving dead skin cells bringing out glowing skin.

Salicylic acid

It is found in almost all the products that are developed to treat targeted concern. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin and are great for people with acne-prone skin. Products with salicylic acid can also be used for gently exfoliation. It may also prove to be useful for people who have occasional breakouts. Apart from skincare products, some make-up products like foundation also use salicylic acid and these could account for good investment.

Lactic acid

It’s an alfa hydroxy acid (AHA) but gentler as it is derived from milk. Lactic acid delivers exfoliation with moisturising result which is not common with many other acids. It’s great for people with extra sensitive skin and those who are looking to treat hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Citric acid

The acid that’s found in citric fruits is also great for skin. Remember the time when our mothers and grandmothers asked to exfoliate skin with orange peel or to use lemon for scrubbing? Science probably took some time to catch up with age old practices but better late than ever. Face cleansing wipes and serums with citric acid has anti-oxidants that aid in preventing skin ageing and curing sun damage.

Ascorbic acid

Vitamin C with a fancy name is ascorbic acid. So, if you read ingredients and come across this name, know that it is what your skin needs if you are trying to get rid of dark spots. It also provides protection against free radicals found in our environment.

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