Benefits of coconut water, according to science


Coconut water has a right blend of sweet and sour, coconut water is one of the most amazing drinks available during summers. But you can also have the packed variant. Before heading off to work or as a post-workout drink, coconut water is always a refreshing option.

And apart from refreshing, your favourite drink has some really ‘cool’ health benefits as well. Don’t believe us? Here’s what science says…

Helps reduce blood pressure: Potassium, the mineral which conducts electrical impulses in your body, is great for lowering blood pressure. A study that was published in The Western Indian Medical Journal found that coconut water has a positive effect on people suffering from hypertension. It was noted that after consumption, systolic blood pressure reduced on an average by 70 per cent.

Great for rehydration: That’s a no-brainer, right! Coconut water is a great way to hydrate after a hectic workout and in fact, it can also be an alternative to sports drinks. A study, that was published in The Southeast Journal of Tropical Medicine And Public Health, concluded that coconut water improved volume tolerance in the volunteers, which means that people can drink more of it.

Another study published in Journal of Physiological Antropology and Applied Human Science proved that coconut water has the ability to restore the minerals which were lost during sweating.

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