Best Ideas In Ripped Denims For Bad Boys In Your Closet


Everyone has the Fashionista or prey of fashions in their mind. As trend changes every year, there are many new designs has been introduced in the world of fashion. One of the clothing items that made clearly its way into our wardrobe is “Denim.”In fact, the versatility of denim successfully made quite a history of the bottom-wear styles. The popularity of denim made it quite a difficult product for shopping. Once upon a time, the old beaten-up denim looked pretty badass and considered as the best vintage collection. Since then, guys like to wear the ripped jeans to improve their look as punk rockers, favorite rapper or grunge superstars. There are an inundating number of pre-ripped jeans available in the market,but not all of them are perfect to wear. Ripped denim or ripped jeans are artfully draped and crafted DIY style bringing the modern look extraordinarily. Jeans is not only a simple pair of pant but with various fits, washes, colors and of course labels. Unsurprisingly, Denim in the form of jeans that are designed with trends and most boys likes to wear them for a party or as casual wear. With the advancement in fashion designing each of the clothing has own identity. Finding perfect ripped denim jeans pair needs some research and effort.

Models Of Ripped Denims:

Wearing the right pair of ripped denims brings you more style and fashionable look. Choosing the appropriate ripped denims model is almost important aspect, so some of the different kind of blemishes found in the Jeans is:

Holes – The holes placed in the ripped denims are visible window through the fabric. Holes must not be wider than the leg and horizontally holed across the leg would give a neat look. Choose the ripped denims with holes not more than an inch high. When you are sitting down, larger holes will expose your leg or knees, so it is necessary to see the size of the hole before buying.

Shreds –Shreds remains in the fabric when the hole is torn so the threads cover up the hole

Scrapes – The Scrapes are scratches or small abrasions on the surface offabric between dime as well as quarter in size.


Most boys like to have a pair of jeans with rips however they end up in buying either a pair or choosing the pair without any appropriate hole placement. There are many different models available with whole placement designs and scrapes. Choose the appropriate ripped denims that do not expose your leg when you are sitting. Placement of the holes can pretty much goanywhere, and they are also featuredon or near to the pocket. Brightly colored denim is suitable for the full force in summer so wearing the dark metallic-painted jeans with variation in the plum and wine hues brings more majestic look.

RIP Count:

According to the statement of modern designers, more number of rips in the rippeddenims would not give a neat look. Having two well-placed holes, a scrape and two shreds would be a great option.


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