Best serums to help all skin types get through winter


When it comes to skin care essentials, you may think serums are just for beauty editors and anyone obsessed with looking youthful. However, the benefits of a face serum are impressive when used consistently and regularly, providing a variety of long- and short-term benefits.

“Serums serve the dual purposes of superhydrating skin early in a product regimen and in delivering active ingredients,” according to Craig Kraffert, board-certified dermatologist and president of Amarte Skin Care. “The unifying purpose of serums is superhydration. Because of this, they are applied before moisturizers — the idea is to lock in this humectants with next-step product applications.”

And while you may not think a serum is a necessity, you’ll thank yourself once you see the difference, especially in the cold-weather months when dry, winter air tends to suck the moisture out of skin.

“Environmental conditions are often drier and sometimes harsh in fall and winter months. Because of this, heavier lotion-type serums are preferred,” says Kraffert.

How do you choose the best serum for your skin type? Ahead are some tips and product recommendations to help you maneuver the many, many options on the skin care aisle.

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