Black-Owned Etsy Shops For Face Masks

There are many things you can do to support the Black community right now while also staying safe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — including using your spending power to shop from Black-owned brands.

Data indicates that Black and Latinx people remain far more vulnerable to the coronavirus, while the economic fallout from the pandemic continues to hit people of color the hardest.

As a consumer, how you choose to spend your money can make a big impact.

Etsy, a peer-to-peer marketplace, has become an appealing platform for both aspiring and established designers who want to easily market their products. From Black-owned Etsy jewelry shops to Black-owned Etsy brands for furniture and home decor, there are plenty of small businesses on the platform to support right now — including Black-owned Etsy shops for coronavirus face masks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still advises that everyone should wear a face mask when going outside, preferably a cloth face mask that has a filter pocket so you don’t take medical-grade masks from the health professionals who really need them.

Support the Black community and do your part in limiting the spread of coronavirus by shopping Black-owned Etsy shops for face masks. We found face masks featuring celestial designs, as well as some eye-catching masks made with traditional African prints and fabrics.

Below, we’ve rounded up a guide to Black-owned Etsy shops for face masks, so you can stay safe and support the cause while you do it. Take a look:

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