Breakfast foods that aid in weight loss (and how)

Healthy breakfast options like smoked salmon on toast, peanut butter wrap and burritos keep you feeling full and prevent overeating.

1. Eggs and greens

Calories: 230

Packed with vitamins A and K, spinach, according to journal Appetite is known to cut cravings. The dish, containing an egg and two cups of greens, is made in antioxidant rich olive oil.

2. Tofu scramble

Calories: 328

Made with 4 oz (112 gm) crumbled tofu, this dish can be served over whole wheat sandwich bread topped with cheese and oregano. A Women’s Health report suggest that soy foods are as good as other protein rich diets.

3. Pistachio rice pudding

Calories: 302

Cooked with fat-free milk, the ingredients contain half a cup of instant brown rice which is topped with 15 pistachios. According to Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people who eat pistachios daily recorded a lower body mass index after 12 weeks than those who ate pretzels.

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