COVID-19 symptoms may manifest on your skin too: Be alert to bruises on your toes


According to the latest estimates of the World Health Organisation, the number of COVID-19 infections globally have gone up 2,078,605 and the death toll, according to latest reports stand at 139,515. In India too positive cases are increasing at an alarming rate and this has forced the government to extend the lockdown period to May 3. The death toll in the country is now 480 and the number of infections have risen to 14,378. There is as yet no cure for the disease and as a result, there is panic all across the globe regarding this deadly contagion. Every day, we get to hear something new about the disease. As time goes by, new symptoms keep baffling doctors. Now, according to some reports, bruises and lesions in your feet may also indicate COVID-19 infection.

Common symptoms of COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases showing a rapid surge across the globe, most people know what to look out for in case of an infection. It is now common knowledge that this virus causes respiratory distress and some of the common symptoms are high fever, a runny nose, dry cough and shortness of breath. As the disease progresses, patients exhibit signs of viral pneumonia and respiratory failure. Other not so common symptoms are muscle ache and weakness, diarrhea and fatigue. Sometimes, you may also notice neurological symptoms like encephalopathy, ataxia and more. Other than these common and not so common symptoms of COVID-19, patients also report a loss in their sense of smell and taste. Some male patients experience pain in their testicles.

You need to be alert to any flu-like symptoms plus the ones mentioned here. This will ensure early treatment and bring down the risk of severe complications. It will also help contain the spread of the disease.

Symptoms may also show up on your feet too

It has recently come to light that COVID-19 symptoms may manifest on your feet too. You need to be alerts for any signs of bruises and lesions on your toes. Health professions in Spain, Italy and France have reported many patients coming to them with these symptoms. One unique thing about these symptoms is that it is mostly seen in young adults and children.

Infected people exhibit purple chickenpox or chilblain-like marks on their toes. The first patient to exhibit this symptom was a 13-year-old boy in Italy. Initially doctors confused this with a spider bite. But later, when the affected area increased in size, they conducted further tests and found him to be COVID-19 positive. This is a very rare symptom of the disease and only one in five patients have exhibited it in hospitals in Italy. These dermatological symptoms may appear with or without respiratory symptoms. Experts think that this is probably due to inflammation of blood vessels. In most cases, these marks heal normally and do not leave any permanent scars. Since this is an unknown variant of coronavirus, doctors are not surprised by this new symptom. They also appeal to patients to report to a healthcare facility if they experience such symptoms.

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