Daily habits that can help you stay slim

Everyone loves a flat tummy, but there are various factors that can increase the numbers on your weighing scale without your knowledge. Health conditions like hypothyroidism, insomnia, polycystic ovary syndrome and congestive heart failure can be the reason behind sudden unexplained weight gain.

While depression is one such condition that can lead to both, sudden weight gain and weight loss. There is a significant difference between the daily habits of slim people and people who are overweight.

Those who manage to keep their weight in check often manage their portions well, exercise regularly and burn calories easily as compared to those who are overweight or obese. There are plenty of everyday habits that you can include in your routine that will help you burn more calories like walking with a bag full of groceries or wearing a backpack containing a few kilos of weight from your grocery shopping. Here, we share with you some of the daily habits that can help you stay slim.

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