DIY natural moisturisers to get super smooth skin

Want to avoid parabens, artificial fragrance, colours and other harmful chemicals in your skin care regimen? It’s time to ditch those store-bought moisturizers and DIY your own moisturiser.

It is a must to mositurise your skin regularly. Moisturising ensures that your skin is smooth and supple no matter what the season or time of the day it is. This delays ageing and makes the skin look younger.

Now that it has been established that mositurising is absolutely necessary. It is also very vital to understand what type of mosituriser you need to use. Did you know that most store-bought moisturizers have chemicals in them that could be harmful to your skin in the long run? It is best to look for those brands that have organic, 100 per cent natural ingredients to ensure you get super protection against dryness.

It is, however, difficult to determine how authentic the claims of many natural, organic brands are. Why not try these DIY ways to moisturise your skin naturally rather than depend on creams and lotions from stores? These DIY natural moisturisers are easy to make, easy on the pocket and incredibly good for your skin.

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