Does no make-up look affect your skin?


While scrolling through your Instagram feed you must have come across the new trend of no-makeup-makeup look. But does this “no make-up” look can cause an equal amount of damage to their skin as compared to the regular makeup.The answer to this question is two fold, says Dr Nirupama Parwanda, Dermatologist and founder of Zolie Skin Clinic.

The first part is a much expected answer, which is yes. There are several reasons why people love make-up and want to do it every day. From giving your confidence a little boost to helping you enhance your best features, make-up has always been your best buddy, Parwanda notes.

However, there can be many reasons why this best buddy shouldn’t be slathered on your face regularly. We all are aware of the side effects of applying heavy make-up regularly but it is important to know that the “no-makeup-makeup look” is also damaging your skin.

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