Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise


It’s becoming common knowledge that losing weight is 80% diet, and only 20% exercise. We aren’t discounting the incredible health benefits exercise offers, however, sometimes your busy schedule prevents you from hitting the gym every day.

Cut out liquid calories

You may justify your coffee intake to combat exhaustion and your red wine habit to aid heart health. However, it’s probably your liquid calories that are contributing to your weight gain, or at least deterring your weight loss.

Soda, beer, juice, you name it … these beverages are generally packed with sugar and will immediately turn to fat once you digest. Stick to clear, clean liquids: water still or sparkling. And do the same when you opt for liquor. As for coffee, the blacker, the better for your weight loss.

Make your days harder

Sounds fun, right? We don’t mean exhaust yourself. But taking the little steps — and taking the steps rather than the elevator — can make a big difference. “Stop using the closest restroom, parking space, or vending machine,” fitness trainer Sandra Swami told Prevention.

If you take the longest route or opt for the stairs, you’ll start to notice a difference. The calorie burn may seem insignificant, but it all adds up at the end of the day.

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