Eating Before Bedtime Can Be Unhealthy


Now, you decided to visit the kitchen and get some late night snack or a full meal. After eating you would return to your bed to sleep and regain energy for the next busy day.However, the next morning you woke up not feeling well. That could be because of that food you ate before bed.

Health experts said that eating late at night, right before you sleep could make you feel sick. During sleep, muscle contractions and stomach motility become slow.With a slow digestion, the body then struggles to process heavy meal while you are enjoying your dreams. This then contributes to health problems.

One of the common effects of eating before bedtime is disrupted sleep. There are certain foods and drinks that could keep you awake at night.

Caffeine and alcohol are the top two drinks you should avoid before sleep. However, there are also popular dinner foods that could keep your eyes wide open, including lasagna, spicy tacos, and chocolate ice cream.You struggle to sleep after consumption of these foods because they could cause acid reflux, according to Men’s Health.

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