Eczema: These essential oils will soothe your skin


Eczema is a skin condition that causes dry, rough and red inflamed patches onto the skin. It can be really bothering and prevents the sufferer to concentrate. As it’s common with children, it’s important to have fail-proof yet harmless solutions that can soothe the tender skin. Eczema is of various types and can cause agonising itching on arms, legs, behind ears and neck. Essential oils have simple formula and thus, are effective for children. While other creams and medicines may irritate the skin further, be rest assured that essential oils don’t aggravate the condition. Also, with children and eczema treatment, it’s difficult for them to understand if the treatment is working for it can be a complex process to undergo.

Essential oils for Eczema

Here’s how certain essential oils work to treat this condition. The better way of using essential oils for eczema is by mixing them with a carrier oil.

Jojoba oil

This oil has similar properties as the one our skin produces naturally. Therefore, it can one of the most beneficial one in relieving skin from eczema-related irritation and itchiness. In fact, the richness of this oil hydrates skin and adds required moisture to a dry, flaky skin. It penetrated deep within the skin layers to provide moisturisation. When the inflammation caused by the condition is soothed, it results in reduced redness.

Geranium oil

This oil is known for its balancing properties and thus, found effective for eczema. You may add its few drops to your child’s bathing water to help soothe skin inflammation. It can also be used with coconut milk and the mixture can be used for rinsing after the bath or as suited. It reduces redness but it’s important to dilute it with another oil or carrier liquid while using it for dry and sensitive skin.

Rose oil

This oil is now catching up on its popularity in India. In west, it’s used as one of the ingredients in several skincare products for its fragrance and soothing properties. It’s known to heal skin, rejuvenate and refresh it. Therefore, using it for eczema can be beneficial too. Rose is a powerful ingredient and its botanical extracts can help heal and revive the skin. It’s especially beneficial for dry and flaky skin. However, never use it directly onto the broken skin for it can be too powerful and may irritate the skin. Always blend it with a carrier oil for desired results.

Apricot Kernel oil

Now this is somewhat an exclusive oil to get in India, but some leading online portals are selling it. If you are sure about its purity, you may not regret investing in it. It’s great for sensitive skin, fights skin ageing and helps bettering skin’s tone and firmness. It can be a boon for those with eczema. It’s gentle on the skin and can also be used as a base oil. If you find it, trust it for its efficacy.

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