Every New Beauty Product From 2017 That Was Actually Good



It seems like just yesterday we were waxing poetic about the 2016 release of Dyson’s first hairdryer, and then poof! We landed in 2017. This year Rihanna, in a moment of benevolence, gave us a best-selling makeup line; Gwyneth Paltrow dished out expensive wellness pills; and the fine folks at Vinter’s Daughter turned us into oil evangelists. But which products did we love more than anything? Which creams were absolutely life-changing? Read on for our edit on the best beauty products of the year.

The secret in the sauce for Virtue, a new hair-care line, is keratin extracted from human hair. While keratin is an old hair-care staple known to strengthen strands, Virtue is the first company to perfect a human-derived version. As a result, Virtue’s keratin fortifies weak hair more effectively. The brand uses keratin in all of their products, but their Smoothing shampoo stands out the most. The thick formula melts into hair and cleans without stripping out moisture. It doesn’t build up, like some protein treatments, but it does strengthen and make hair feel eerily smooth.

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