Everything you need to know about your hair


Because its primary function is protection, hair is a good indicator of changes in the body. It naturally goes through three stages: growing (anagen), resting (catagen) and falling (telogen, which makes room for new hair). Over time, the follicles and papilla degenerate.

As we age, blood vessels are constricted by stressful conditions, preventing nutrition from reaching the hair roots; this results in hair loss. Stress, hormones and pollution are all contributors.

Why does age affect hair texture?

Dr Elma Titus, a trichologist at Trichology Centre in Cape Town, explains that factors such as chemotherapy, trauma, a big operation, beginning or discontinuing medication, and long-term chemical/mechanical damage will cause premature hair loss. Hairs complete the anagen-catagen-telogen cycle too quickly, and new hairs have a finer and curlier texture.

And, Titus points out: “Hair texture changes if it does not get essential nourishment from within.”

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