Exercise Tips Based On Your Age


Never lose a chance to move — that has been the message for Americans from the latest guidelines. Regular physical activity is needed to maintain strength, ward off aches and pains, and reduce the risk of long-term diseases.

But the demands and limitations of your body tend to change over a lifetime. Here are a few tips on the best types of exercises and activities to take up no matter what age group you fall into.

Your teens and 20s 

This is the period when you are at your peak physical condition — so establish workout habits and don’t hold back on challenging yourself. Fitness experts say this is when you should lay the foundations with a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training.

The latter, in particular, is often not prioritized enough during this crucial age. It is only during adolescence and early adulthood when you can have a significant influence on peak bone mass. So take up the likes of weight-training, tennis, hiking, etc. at least two days per week.

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