Expert Tips and Tricks for Getting More Use Out of Your Makeup Brushes


The world of makeup brushes is extensive. With twelve (or more!) categories of brushes and then multiple types within each category, things can get confusing. But even if you know all the brushes and what they’re for, the search for tips and tricks on when to use them, how to substitute, or what secret weapons to have in your bag never ends

So we talked to professional makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, who has worked on faces such as Bella Hadid, Ashley Graham, and Alessandra Ambrosio, to answer the often-missed questions, such as what’s the real difference between brand-name and drugstore brushes, and just how far can cotton buds go when you’re in a pinch? Read more:

Oquendo wants you to choose makeup brushes that are tailored to what you need. He recommends diving in with fluffy “feather duster” brushes because not only are they offered in different sizes that are perfect for eye looks; they can also be used on various parts of the face. Right now, he’s in love with the NARS medium brush and says that he sometimes “takes that medium-size, dome-size feather duster for eyeshadow and I’ll stick it in my concealer, and I’ll stipple that wherever the blemish is still visible.” Who would’ve thought?

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