Expert tips to eat healthy through the week


There has been a rise in the number of weekend warriors in the last 5 years. This basically, is the result of the rising awareness of health trends amongst the general population. However, the lack of time, knowledge and appropriate counselling permits people to exercise only on the weekends; such gym-goers are labelled ‘Weekend Warriors’.

With long periods of inactivity, interspersed with sometimes-excessive bursts of activity, the exercise habits of the weekend warrior don’t fit the recommended model of regular daily exercise.

The fact that people are conscious of their health and want to exercise is no doubt a good mindset; however, it is needless to say that exercising after prolonged periods of time impacts the body adversely.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle 5 or 6 days of the week and then suddenly breaking sweat at the gym over the weekend can massively increase the risk of injury; this also negatively impacts the BMI (Body Mass Index).

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