Eyebrow wigs are the latest weird beauty trend


It’s no secret that the internet is full of weird beauty tips and tricks.

From using potato peels to cure undereye bags to shaving your bikini line with olive oil, we thought we’d seen it all… that is, until eyebrow wigs entered the game.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Accidentally overplucked your eyebrows? No problem.

Wanting to get that eyebrow lion mane look that’s all over Instagram right now? Done.

And what’s even more bonkers? They’re actually surprisingly realistic.

Originally created for those suffering from alopecia or those undergoing chemotherapy, eyebrow wigs are effectively a temporary eyebrow tattoo made from real human hair.

Beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star first kicked off the trend when he tried out the wigs for his 9 million subscribers last year.

Putting Final Touch Brows to the ultimate test, the sassy internet star filmed a tutorial in which he attached the “100 percent human hair” fake brows to his bare skin and was “pleasantly surprised” by the “real results.”

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