Finding a fitness routine that works


About every month, there is a new health trend being promoted and spoken about. I hear clients, friends, and family talk about the newest latest health theme. Sometimes it’s intermittent fasting. It can be The Whole 30 Diet. Or doing the P90X or Insanity workout package.

These are all great — however, what I see is there is a lot of drop off. Why? Simple answer: the 30th day hits in the Whole 30, so now the standards of the Whole 30 are obsolete, and you eat what ever you want. People get hungry during intermittent fasting, so they eat when they’re supposed to fast.

And, there are only 10 episodes to your exercise DVD, and then you have to repeat the same thing over again watch the same trainer leading the exercises bounce around on the TV and tell you what to do. I’ve even heard people say they can repeat the lines on their exercise DVD.

What we need is a consistent schedule in which we can exercise. I make sure I exercise at least once a week. That’s 52 times a year. Unfortunately, that’s more than what half of the nation is doing currently. 

A critically important component of maintaining health and wellness is adhering to a weekly exercise routine. This means participating at least once per week in a form of physical actively involving stressing the body through a mode of exercise.

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